—Company Introduction—


In September 1979, the binnian bag was produced and used by itself. It has 4,222 years of experience. Various products based on Lianmin bags are widely used in various markets such as packaging, packaging, and use in various industries. The company's first priority is professional and immediate service, insisting on excellent quality, and constantly researching many pioneers in the molding and plastics industry.


Setting up a LINE BIN Plastics MFG. CO.

'LINE BIN Plastics MFG. CO." was established in Banqiao. Started with zipper bags.


Buying Land and Building a Factory

Purchased land to build a factory in Shulin Industrial Zone, and established LIEN BIN Plastics MFG.Co.


Expansion of the factory

Expansion of the factory building, with a total land area of ​​3,200 ping.


Build an environmental standard factory

The first phase of the printing building was completed.


Build an environmental standard factory

Construction of the second phase of the Blown Bag Building.


Message from the Chairman

All the way to start a business, there are noble people who help me, "and what I can give back is that no matter what I do, I go all out and work hard." All the profits and progress of Lianbin are now thanks to the support and trust of many friends and old customers. , in order to make the company grow in size.